The Green Tiles

The new school year brought many new changes to Pentucket this fall, including the stagnant schedule, lack of ten-minute break, new classes, the tearing down of the mods, and the addition of new sports fields.

But most importantly the new green tiles in the main hallway have created a buzz around the school.

Most of the initial reactions to these new tiles were of disgust by the returning students of Pentucket High. “I hate them; I think they are wicked ugly and don’t match at all,” said senior Jordan Nicosia.

Maybe it is just human nature that rejects change, freshman Rachael Drislane, who is new to the high school this fall, didn’t even notice the tile change. “I didn’t even notice them at first; I don’t mind them either I think it brings color to the school I guess,” Drislane said.

Art teacher Mrs. Lees likes the new change to the tiling of the school; “I think they are nice and very shiny looking; I like these new tiles better because it makes the school look cleaner.”

Other students really don’t seem to care at all regarding the new tiles in the school. Senior Kayla Kravchuk said, “I think they are ok, I mean tiles are tiles, and they really don’t affect me.”

The new tiling at Pentucket has brought many different opinions from students and staff, but either way the tiles are here to stay for the meantime.