“Swearing is inappropriate in all situations. There is never an appropriate time for swearing,” stated Pentucket’s librarian Rachel Costello. However, Mrs. Costello said, “but I swear all the time!”

What makes a certain person feel comfortable enough to swear, even though the word is inappropriate?

Junior Garrett Lischke believes there are appropriate times to use swear words. For example, “when talking to family or expressing emotion is when swearing is okay. Some swear words just cannot be substituted.”

When asked the question, “Would you feel comfortable swearing in front of a teacher?” Lischke responded by saying, “Yes, only Mama Lynch and Mama Oliveira.” The reason why Lischke feels comfortable swearing in front of “Mama Lynch and Mama Oliveira” is because after having them for entire year his sophomore year, he feels comfortable enough to swear.

On the other hand, coming from a teacher’s prospective, Mr. Harty said, “In a teaching environment, swearing is never appropriate. But in a friendship, swearing can be used to vent anger and no one will feel offended.”

One of the biggest reasons why people do not swear in public is because they are afraid of offending someone. Garrett Lischke said, “If I said ….  in front of my classroom, it would most definitely be out of line because some of my classmates would feel uncomfortable. However, if I said …. in front of my best friend, they would not even think twice that I just swore.”