A Very Ian Christmas

Every Pentucket class has a handful of students who are not only incredibly talented, but seem to come out of nowhere. For instance, Luca Provencal a.k.a LucaPro, a senior, is an amazing “beat mixer in his beat laboratory” says Andrew Dickinson. But who knew, another well-known senior, Ian Davis was the equivalent to young Childish Gambino. With his new CD, “A Very Ian Christmas” (a LucaPro and Ian Davis collaboration dropping in November) people are getting excited.

Once the album is brought into conversation, Ian Davis has a lot to say about, “A Very Ian Christmas.” When asked what his favorite song on the album was he said that he really likes “Ukulele Christmas”. Davis followed this up by saying “You know how ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ is sung by a guy and a girl? I sing the guy part and in a chick voice for the girl part. It’s pretty hilarious.” There are also rumors of a “grand premiere” in the works. “I want to call it ‘A Very Ian Christmas Special,’” Ian states.

Although many people are excited for Luca and Ian’s album to come out, many people are still unaware of what the flyers around school about the album release mean. Ian and Luca have already released a single titled “Evil Drummer Boy”.  When shown the single, senior Blaine Senechal thought it was a catchy song. When Senechal was told that the song was produced by Davis and Provencal, he replied “What…are you for real? That’s crazy. I actually really like it. I wasn’t expecting that. It’s really corny but I like it.”

Senior Tony Dalton even went as far as to say that “’A Very Ian Christmas makes me want to go out and do good deeds. It’s an inspiration.”

“A Very Ian Christmas” was even called “the realest album of 2014” by senior, Sean McGrath.

Get ready because this anticipated album is coming out in November; just in time for the holiday season.