The Triumph and Turmoil Of Managing a Fantasy Football Team

While some students stress over upcoming tests and papers, I have been solely focused on A.J. Green’s toe. Most people don’t know who A.J. Green is, or why I would care so much about his toe. The answer is rather simple: fantasy football.


Fantasy football takes the stats of real players in the NFL and converts the player’s yardage and touchdowns into points. Managers draft teams and are able to trade players at their will. Fantasy football was created in the 1960’s by eight members from Oakland and since has grown exponentially with an estimated 33 million competitors today. It has quickly become one of America’s most popular hobbies, and it is slowly creeping its way into popular culture. ESPN has a director of all things fantasy, and FX created a sitcom called “The League,” about a group of friends in a fantasy football league together. While the show presents many elements of fantasy football, it centers on the friendships strained and strengthened through this hobby.


To me, this is the best part of fantasy football. Nothing brings me and my friends closer together (and further apart) than this activity. Through thousands of text messages trashing each other’s teams, touchdown dances, and childish gambles; I have witnessed the best and the worst, in all the members of my league. There’s not much I enjoy more than crushing my closest friends in a stupid online football competition. Along with that, the most heart-breaking feeling is watching your opponent beat you by one point as time expires on the last game of the week. I am emotionally invested in fantasy football. I have spent many Monday nights hoping and praying that my player can pick up a few extra yards. For something so utterly pointless and so totally out of my control, fantasy football has still garnered my full investment and passion.


Players will get hurt, suspensions will be made and ultimately only one team will come out on top. Either way my friends and I will continue taunting, harassing, and making fun of each other and in the end that is what fantasy football is all about.