A Change in Spirit (Week)

With the highly anticipated Spirit Week just around the corner, the students of Pentucket Highschool have expressed their ideas of change in the individual dress up days hoping for a fresh new face of spirit week.  Kiernan Haley, Pentucket Junior says “it would be awesome if we had new Spirit Days.”


Haley is not the only one hoping for this change.  Teachers across the building express their own agreement such as the schools secretary, Mrs. Merritt.  Merritt says “Oh yeah I always want change.  Change is good in my opinion.”


Going through the Pentucket community, some suggested ideas that were mentioned were Dress like: its 2050, Favorite Animal Day, Safari Day, Backwards Day, Foreign Nationality, Old Prom Dress Day, Throwback Day, Favorite President, Twin Day, Flash-mob day, and the overall favorite; Turtleneck Day.


In the past years, Pentucket’s history of Spirit Week included; Pajama Day, Patriotic Day, Neon Day, and Ugly Sweater Day.


Although at one time these days were favored and loved, after a while, the student body began to see these days as repetitive and dull.  Junior, Aaron Arsenault agrees that by changing the days it would “keep it fresh and definitely a good thing.”


Of the previously mentioned suggested days, the favorite among the crowd is Turtleneck Day with Throwback Day and Safari Day falling closely behind.


On the contrary, some of the students are against the changing of the days.  As Maddie Nelson puts it, “I mean [the new ones] are cool but I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t do them because the ones we have now are easier so by changing the days a lot of kids would have trouble finding ways to participate.”


Jack Richard, a senior, also believes the change would be destructive to the spirit of the school.  He says “Throwback Day sounds pretty cool, but I think ugly sweater day is better than turtleneck day personally.”


The question remains: would the change of Spirit Week’s dress up days make the vibe of Pentucket even better, or rather ruin the traditions that the student body has grown to love?


According to our statistics, Pentucket is in the need for a change of days.


Yes: 80%

No: 20%