Coming into school in the morning, it is hard to miss the giant mounds of dirt and the addition of new fields in front of the school.

Last spring, plans were approved for the installment of new fields in front of the school, new tennis courts, a new softball field, and a new eight lane track, and soccer field. The construction began at the end of the school year, last June, and was scheduled to be finished by the start of the school year this fall. Unfortunately that did not happen, and as we can see in front of the school, some of the fields are still being completed.

The fields that were completed in time for the end of some fall seasons brought much excitement to the players who were finally able to use the much anticipated fields. So far, the field hockey and soccer teams have been able to play their last few games on the brand new fields and it has been a great experience for the seniors.

Unfortunately, the fields have not been all that they were brought up to be. Field hockey player and junior, Emmy Maye Desjardins said, “The grass is too thick to play on and does not move well. Field hockey is supposed to be a fast moving game and it is so slow on that field because the ball sinks into the grass.”

Obviously players are not complaining about the improvement of fields because they are a huge step up from the other fields, but they are still not where they need to be. Desjardins also added to her comment, “I appreciate the effort from the school and community, but I wish they would have put more consideration into the sports playing on the field.”

Mr. Thornton said, regarding the issue, that they are going to change a few things to tweak the fields. He said, “We need to get the fields a little lower and probably top dress the field so the ball will roll better.” Next season the field should be up and running and it should be a great home field for the field hockey players.

Thornton also added to his comment, “People used to always complain about how bad the fields were, so this is the first time people are complaining that the fields are too nice.”

For the new soccer fields and the new track nothing is planned to change them because they are great how they are, and the soccer games have been running smoothly so far. The only issue that has come up is that the fencing does not completely surround the track, and the soccer balls can roll down the hill and into the woods. Thornton commented “I do not believe they are going to fence the entire thing.”

Moving on, the big question that everyone is worrying about: what is going to happen with the field goals on the football field out front? Obviously, if the players kick a field goal where the posts are positioned right now, the balls would go either into Main Street or the pond. Thornton said not to worry because nets are going to be put up to stop the footballs, “It will be one of those nets that gets cranked up when they need to kick a field goal, then will be brought down after.”

The new field will also not be completely ready most likely until next fall most likely. Unlike the soccer and field hockey fields, this field is being seeded instead of putting sod down, so it will take a while for it to grow and be completely seeded.

But once the field is complete, it will be useful for many sports. According to Mr. Thornton, football will practice there in the fall and JV and freshman will most likely play their games there. In the spring, lacrosse will be able to use the field because it is regulation size, and javelin will do their throwing there as well.

Finally, the last field people may be wondering about; is the football field behind the school. “Right now that’s called phase two, and there is nothing planned for it right now. There have been thoughts about turfing the whole thing or there could be lights at some point; who knows. It all just depends on money really.” So, right now, the field out back stays the same, but the improvement of sports fields and courts have been a great addition to the Pentucket atmosphere.