Time to get your Spirit On

The famous and exciting Spirit week is just about here, and so much is going on in the school. Color day, filming videos, sports, all on top of schoolwork is stressing kids out.

However, once spirit week hits, the high energy will be school wide and it will be hard to find a long face. The dress up days for spirit week this year are a bit different than the years past- but that is what will make them more fun and interesting! Each grade gets a point if somebody in their grade dresses up…. So with that said, everybody should be participating in Spirit Week!

The spirit days are as followed:

Thursday, November 20th: Red, White, and Blue Day
Friday, November 21st: Students Dress up and Teachers Dress Down
*Homecoming is this night!
Monday, November 24nd: Decade Day
Seniors: 70’s
Juniors: 80’s
Sophomores: 60’s
Freshman: 50’s
Tuesday, November 25th: Class Color Day
Seniors: Black
Juniors: Red
Sophomores: Orange
Freshman- Pink
Wednesday, November 26th (Color Day): Sachem Colors

Again, everyone who participates helps their grade, so it is important to help out the school!

Also during spirit week is the Homecoming Dance on the 21st, Spirit Night on the 25th, color day on the 26th, and the reason for spirit week; The Thanksgiving Football game on the 27th.

Spirit week is one of the most exciting parts of the year, so get involved because you want your grade to win!