Turkey Time

Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for all that we are grateful. We are all familiar with the fifth grade version of the first Thanksgiving, when the Native Americans and the Pilgrims came together to celebrate the new friendship. They were thankful for surviving the harsh New England winter with the help of the Native Americans- but what are people thankful for today?

The majority of people reply by saying that they are grateful for their friends and family during Thanksgiving. Kelly Murray, on the other hand, says that she doesn’t “want to say something generic like friends and family.” Instead, Murray says she is thankful for “boy bands.”

Junior, Carolyn Penney says, “I am grateful that I have a working body, my legs and hands work.” Penney shows that there is a lot more to be thankful on Thanksgiving than just friends and family.

Some students say that they are thankful for all the opportunities they have, such as education and dance, while others, like Garrett Liscke, say everything.

Junior, Emmy Desjardins says, “I am grateful for all the food, because so many people don’t get to have all the different types of food that we get… we take it for granted.”

Thanksgiving is a time not only for food but also for appreciating everything. Traditions remain the same every year to keep the joy of Thanksgiving alive.

When asked what their favorite Thanksgiving traditions are, students replied with: eating, being with family, and playing football.

Senior, Paige Wesolowski, says she enjoys “making gingerbread houses.” Although this is usually a Christmas tradition, it works just fine for the Wesolowski’s.

Wesolowski’s cousin, Brianna Repke, says that she likes the walk her and her family take in the woods after they have their Thanksgiving dinner.

On the other hand, Junior, Brett Repke, prefers eating food. Many students agree that food is the best tradition on Thanksgiving.

Clearly, there are many traditions that families have today. These traditions are always changing for the better, making Thanksgiving more memorable every year.

Happy Holidays!