The War against Homework

The battle continues as students struggle with the overwhelming homework load interfering with their lives outside of school.


Students voicing their opinions on this pressing matter provoke conflict between kids and teachers. Although we, as students, do understand the need for homework, we also have social lives, sports, and other commitments and don’t want to spend all our free time continuing the work we did previously that day in school.


“We are still doing stuff outside of school,” says Kelsea Carlton Pentucket Senior.


Teachers do realize we have other, more interesting things we would rather be doing; however, they think that they don’t give us anything we can’t handle.”Depending on the student, they procrastinate or get distracted by the Internet. That’s why it takes so long.” says Miss. Lynch, Pentucket Sophomore English teacher.


According to some teachers in the science department, they ignorantly don’t think that they give students a lot of homework, yet they give it.


“I don’t think I give a lot, but I try to give it consistently.” Says Mr. Langlois Pentucket Junior Physics teacher.


The answers from the students about the amount of homework assigned varied greatly. Pentucket Senior, Tia Pittounicos says she doesn’t have much homework this year while Freshman Jana McCoy say “yes, we have a ton.”


Also Junior Hailey Vlass says “yes! I have a lot.” While Juniors Joe Raimondi and Ethan Bridgewater both say no they don’t have a lot; however, they both admitted they do not do their homework at home.


Clearly there is a wide range of what students opinions are about the amount of homework they have received so far this year.


How much homework do you think you have? Is it to much for you to handle?