Hello, Dolly! Review

Holy Cabooses!”

Is something you’ll hear often if you go see Pentucket High School’s Hello Dolly!.

Hello, Dolly! is an amusing play about Miss Dolly Levi, a very clever woman, trying to get Horace Vandergelder-the wealthiest man in town- to marry her so she can send his money “circling like rainwater” while offering her matchmaking services to others along the way.

This play is a heartwarming story about finding love and companionship with others, and overcoming the challenges and obstacles that come with it. It’s an amazing story that many people can relate to.

But it wouldn’t have been such a great play if it wasn’t for the incredibly talented cast. The songs were catchy and beautifully sung. There were so many impressive and well coordinated dance moves. And the roles being so well acted combined with the great sets they had helped the audience feel like they were being transported directly into the story.

There were scenes where the audience couldn’t stop laughing, and there were some where they couldn’t stop applauding. Sometimes they were too caught up in the performance to do anything at all. And it was clear that everyone who was there enjoyed it very much.

The musicians in the pit and the tech crew also deserve recognition for the amazing additions they gave to the performance. It was definitely a play worth going to see.