GSA’s Awareness Week

Want to spend the week before spring break participating in fun activities and supporting a worthy cause?

Then get ready for Awareness Week! From Monday April 13 to Friday April 17 the Gay Straight Alliance will be putting on a different activity each day. The goal of the week is to “raise awareness of and tolerance for the LGBTQ+ community both at Pentucket High School and in the world around it,” says senior Quinn Castine, one of the people in charge of this event.

The students and faculty will get the chance to participate in several activities created by the club geared towards helping them get a better understanding and appreciation of equality, acceptance, and tolerance.


A schedule of all the events is posted below:


Monday: Awareness Day. There will be a party in the cafe during all the lunches to help support GSA.


Tuesday: Tee-shirt decorating in the cafe. Come decorate a tee-shirt to show off who you really are.


Wednesday: Classroom integration. Teachers will be talking in class about some of the causes GSA is trying to raise awareness for.


Thursday: Poster signing. There will be a large poster for everyone to sign in the cafe, to pledge your support for tolerance towards the LGBTQ+ community.


Friday: Day of Silence. Show your support by either taking a vow of silence for the day, or taking a sticker to show your support.


Voluntary donations to the club are welcome and very much appreciated. Donations can be given at any of the activities and/or to Mrs. C-C or Mrs.Ducalon.