The Power of Change

During the first few weeks of October, Pentucket Student Council organized the 50-Cent Challenge throughout the high school. The concept of this drive was to raise money to fight the cause of domestic hunger.


“The Power of Change showed us how a little from us can make a big change for someone [else]. To us, these dimes, nickels, and quarters might not seem like a lot, but to others, they have the power to do much,” says Student Council faculty advisor Mr. Jacques.


And, after all is said and done, Pentucket raised more money than the expected amount. Senorita Cavallero, advisor to the Student Council, said she hoped every student would bring in 50 cents, she expected the total to amount to $400.


However, the Student Council was proud to announce on Twitter that the school raised $621.17, more than 1.5 times the amount forecasted.


In addition to the competition between other local schools (Masconomet, Triton, etc.), there was also an intra-school contest between the school grades. The grade who earned the most money would win extra points for spirit week, a serious incentive for us Sachems.


After tallying up the money, here are the final results:

  1. Juniors: $349.11

  2. Seniors: $151.08

  3. Freshman: $68.31

  4. Sophomores: $52.67


A huge congrats to our junior class, and thanks to everyone who donated!