10 Ways To Tell If a Guy Is In Love With You

In the most shocking revelation of the century, recent studies have been released to inform people of the fact that high school is a confusing time. There’s the whole school thing; the driving thing; the figuring out who you are thing. But among all of these, perhaps the most difficult part is the romance. And perhaps the most difficult part of romance is how to figure out if the guy or girl is interested. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are ten ways to figure out if a guy is in love with you.

1)      Has he produced a flash mob purely for the purpose of making you happy?

We all remember Friends With Benefits, where Justin Timberlake’s character was a complete jerk, and then proceeded to redeem himself by putting together a flash mob to make Mila Kunis’ character happy. In the end, they got together, proving just how effective flash mobs are. There’s nothing more romantic than a guy taking the painstaking effort to have several citizens dance together in a public place. Obviously, if a guy wants to get the girl, he needs to ensure that he makes some huge, enormous statement, and a flash mob is usually the way to go. If your man hasn’t created a flash mob for you, prepare yourself to subtly hint that maybe it’s time for a grander gesture. Go big or go home, as they say.

2)       Has he held a boom box up underneath your window in order to get your attention?

Almost every boy is most certainly aware of the fact that girls want them- nay, expect them- to stand under their bedroom window playing music that describes said boys’ emotions towards said girl. It’s basically a given for the start of any relationship. Take, for example, Say Anything, a popular 80s movie starring John Cuzack. After infuriating his girlfriend, the only thing he can do is stand under her window all night and use the ache in his arms as a metaphor for the ache in his heart. Since then, generations of boys have been ticking off their love interests’ parents by playing the tunes late into the night ala Say Anything, just so they can prove their affection. And remember girls, whether the boys are playing Taylor Swift or the Smashing Pumpkins– it’s the thought that counts.

3)      Does he stare at you a lot?

Staring is sexy. Take, for example, the suave vampire Edward Cullen. His effortless stalking abilities and perfect hair are just one bonus of this character. The fact that he stares at his love interest quite a lot may seem unnerving, but in fact is his way of exposing his passion for her. Edward stares at Bella all the time- while she studies, while she eats, while she sleeps. The fact that he does most of this without her knowledge just makes their love story more glorious. If you want to get together with a boy, make sure that he stares at you incessantly. If he doesn’t, it’s basically a lost cause.

4)      Has he climbed anything of yours?

Perhaps some of the most romantic cinematic couples have all had something to do with climbing. Take the exceedingly romantic end of Pretty Woman, for example, in which Richard Gere climbs up Julia Roberts’ fire escape and both of them say a cheesy line in order to begin their relationship. Or in Disney’s Tangled, when Flynn Rider climbs Rapunzel’s tower and into her bedroom.  This is obviously foreshadowing. And let’s not forget The Princess Bride, in which Wesley not only climbs an unclimbable mountain for Buttercup, but rolls down a hill for her! How inconceivable! This is the epitome of romance, what with the sweating and difficulty breathing and the glowing, tomato red faces that just beg to be loved. If a boy climbs something for you, you know your relationship is going places.

5)       When you kiss him, do you turn into a different species?

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a manly dude by the name of Shrek. He was an ogre, but fell in love with a beautiful human girl called Fiona. Their relationship suffered through many trials, such as almost-kisses, will they/won’t theys, and the fact most people thought it was wildly inappropriate that Shrek was an ogre and Fiona was a human most of the time. But, in the end, when Shrek kissed the Princess, Fiona turned into an ogre just like her love. This proved to Shrek and Fiona that they were true loves, and they were able to move on with their lives to become ogre and wife and create three beautiful triplet ogres. What girl doesn’t want that? If you turn into a different species when you kiss your guy, this is a surefire way to tell if he is in love with you because that means that you are true loves. Just make sure that the species you’re kissing is the one that you want to be- after all, who wants to end up a frog when she could be a princess?

6)      Does he chase you?

No, we aren’t talking about chasing after you so that you’ll agree to go steady with him. We’re talking about physically, literally chasing you. Danny Zuko is a prime example of this, having chased Sandy all around the carnival at the end of Grease. If your man isn’t chasing you around a carnival or a school building (as seen in High School Musical) it’s obvious that he just isn’t good enough for you. Seriously, if the boy doesn’t make you run, just let him go. Let him fly off into the wind like a bird. A guy who doesn’t make you run around while smiling alluring and showing off the hair that is fluttering in the wind, he ain’t worth nothin’.

7)      Does he attempt to get you to go out into the rain?

It’s possibly true that there is nothing more romantic than the moment in The Notebook when Noah and Allie kiss in the rain. Not only is it possibly true, it’s probably true. Between the tearful actors and the dramatic music, that kiss could bring tears to the eyes of Cruella Deville.  So, if you find a boy continuously making up excuses to get you off your bum and into the rain, make sure that you have a mint before you follow him into the dark. He might say something like, “oh hey, my dog is stuck in the rain, come help me find him,” or “oh hey, my mom fell down in the rain, come help me lift her up,” and when that happens, you know things are about to get passionate. Rain, after all, is the most romantic of weathers.

Public service announcement: Don’t wear white when this inevitably occurs. Please.

8)      Does he seem tortured when he’s around you?

Being in love means being in pain. In the case of certain people, this entails physical pain. Nausea, stomach butterflies, pounding heart, sweaty palms, bloodlust. In most cases, though, people go through emotional pain. If you’re hanging around your guy and trying to tell whether he’s in love with you, check and see if he looks like he’s tortured. We all remember whiney baby Romeo Montague, who wandered around for god knows how long in order to mourn the loss of his deeply important relationship with Rosaline. Equally as doomed as Romeo’s relationship is the love affair between Annikin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. If you want to see pain in a guys’ expression, base it off of Sir Skywalker, who, from the look on his face most of the time, was obviously well aware of the fact that his relationship was doomed to fall to into the pits of Tartarus. When he was around Padme, he seemed extremely miserable, which is just how it should be in a proper relationship between a man and a woman.

Bonus points if your significant other turns into Darth Vadar at the end of your relationship.

9)      Did he join an a capella group and sing aca songs to you?

When Pitch Perfect was released, thousands of teenage girls swooned with their love of the Jesse and his love for singing romantic songs to Beca, the main character of the movie. There was nothing better than watching Jesse sing his heart out in order to glean the affection of Beca, watching the emotions slide over his face like goo. No other rendition of Feels Like the First Time has ever made any girl feel so emotional. If a boy joins an a capella group and sings just to impress you, you know that good things are about to happen. Sit down, recline, and wait for your Breakfast Club fist pump to come through for you.

10)   The Breakfast Club Fist Pump

This is pretty self-explanatory. I’m not even going to bother explaining. If you do not know, you are a lost cause.