Wait, Where is Syria Again?

Syria has been in a Civil War since 2011, and many people did not know this until August 21, 2013. On this day Syria used chemical weapons on their own people, killing hundreds. However, do people actually know what’s going on in Syria?

“I don’t even know where Syria is,” said Nate Joyall, junior at Pentucket. Syria is in the Middle East, right next to Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan.

Trevor Thomas, also a junior at Pentucket, gave a vague answer to what’s going on, “Syria’s government is killing its own people with chemical weapons, and Obama wants to help.” He also commented on the fact that he would not want Obama to help, saying that America should let Syria fight its own war and starting war would not help the economy.

Joyall gave a different standpoint on the subject saying “No, because war is not nice,” Which gives a standpoint of many people who are speaking about President Obama’s ideas.

“My answer is simple. I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria. I will not pursue an open-ended action like Iraq or Afghanistan.”[1] President Obama said Tuesday night in his speech to the nation. President Obama does, however, want the Syrian government to pay. He comments on how he knows the president of Syria, Assad, and his government were the ones who executed the chemical attack. Obama also touches upon if he doesn’t do something then he is sure that Syria will use chemical weapons again.

Actually this isn’t the first time Syria has used chemical weapons. There had been two cases before: one on December 23, 2012, and one on March 19th, 2013. Though the newest chemical weapon attack got a lot more press.

Some people are worried that World War 3 will start if the U.S. attacks Syria. When asked, Thomas gave a firm no saying that it is just a rumor that China and Russia will attack the U.S. if Obama does in face decide to take action in Syria.

As of right now, no plans of World War 3 have been made. Though, President Obama has delayed any action with Syria due to the fact that they have agreed to give up their chemical weapons.

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