SADD Looking To Make an Impact


Students of the Pentucket Community will agree that drunk driving is catastrophic and straight up unacceptable. However, the real question is whether or not students would join the movement to bring awareness to drunk driving.

Robin Foss, last year’s SADD supervisor, retired. This brings up a valid question, who can run as supervisor of SADD for the 2013-2014 school year?

Waiting for a new supervisor to resurface, students were asked whether or not SADD had any influences on them.

“Not as much as it could, students do not really pay attention to the statistics SADD puts up because we are just too busy during the day,” said Madison Begin.

As SADD members wonder how they can positively influence students at Pentucket High School, Carley Desjardins, a Pentucket senior, added that “SADD members should give a class meeting, where students are updated frequently on drunk-driving accidents, which will impact student’s choices.”

To successfully and positively influence students and even faculty on this significant concern, Pentucket will have to come together as a whole to stop the tragedies that may follow drunk driving.

In order to gain a new supervisor, students will have to join the movement with previous members of SADD.

Whether a student is apprehensive about joining this team, or is just not confident, SADD needs your help in order to inform a variety of students of what drunk driving can cause.

“I bet if more students were interested in joining SADD, then there would be a better chance that SADD could find a supervisor,” said Jordan Balletto, who was a member of SADD the previous year.

Bottom line, the SADD team needs your help in order to find a new supervisor for the 2013-2014 school year.