Artists Bio: Sterling Seymour

Sterling Seymour, a junior at Pentucket High School, has always been intrigued by photography and visual imagery.  Her inspiration comes from fashion photographers who draw emotion from their models and surroundings.   Sterling’s training began sophomore year when she was enrolled in Photography One with Sheryl Lees.  There she studied black and white photography, how to operate a manual camera and its accessories, and how to develop and print photos.  Her junior year she decided to take an in depth apprenticeship in black and white photography where she began developing her public display and preparing her photos to be sent to the Boston Globe Scholastic Art contest.  In addition to photography, her education in the arts academy also includes coursework in Graphic Design, Fundamentals of Art, Drawing, and Painting.  Sterling believes in creating a story through each individual photo, it’s model and technique.  Photography encompasses imagination and observation, two things Sterling captures in her photography.  With her photos she wanted to accomplish the expression of emotion and interactions with nature.  In the spring semester, Sterling will be a teaching assistant for Ms. Lees’ Photography One class.  She will also continue to expand her knowledge in manual and digital photography.  Throughout her studies she has found that photography requires patience, persistence, and individual creativity in order to enhance one’s own artistic voice.