Pentucket’s Girls Hockey Team

Pentucket high school has recently added a girls hockey team to our growing sports program. The team consists of three schools; Haverhill, Pentucket, and North Andover. 

The team practices everyday from 3:00pm-4:30 after school. There are four Pentucket girls who play on the team, Jada Costa, Brooke Yemma, and Meghan O’Neal who are all sophomores and Jena Fiore who is a freshman. 

When asked what it is like to be playing hockey for the first time, Jada Costa replied, “Hockey is amazing and challenging. My back kills and my feet hurt like a bitch!” She continues to say “Everyday is a struggle for me to keep up with the girls because their amazing but I always try my best and give 100% even tho I some times what to rip out my hair!” 

Although it’s a hard and rigorous sport to play the Pentucket girls are doing great! The team has a record of 2-4-2 and the girls are having an amazing time with their new teammates. Costa goes on to say “Im glad I play hockey! I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to play it with!”

Go support the girls hockey team at their next game! Check out the schedule in my last article to find out the dates and times of all their games.