#Blocked – A 21st Century Crisis



This is the best term to describe how students are feeling with apps and sites blocked on school wifi.

Wifi is a commodity open to any and all students and faculty at Pentucket, allowing for internet access, video streaming, and text communication. It is a 21st century teenager’s dream. Or is it?

Restrictions and the blocking of certain websites and mobile applications have become a topic of frustration for many students. Snapchat, Facebook, and ESPN are just a few of the apps and sites frequently used by students on a daily basis when outside of school grounds, but restricted when connected to Pentucket wifi.

The outcry contains a common message amongst students. “I don’t think there should be restrictions,¨ said Pentucket senior Taylor Moore, “… people should have the ability during study hall or lunch to use Facebook or Snapchat.¨

Sarah Kern, Pentucket sophomore, agreed. “Certain websites that aren’t appropriate should be blocked but students should have access to their social media.¨

Of course there is a flip side to this argument. By law, the state of Massachusetts must follow CIPA, or the Child Internet Protection Act. According to Pentucket librarian and technology expert Ms. Costello, “All schools who receive state and federal money must purchase a filter for the internet in their building.¨ However, what actually gets filtered is up to the faculty. “The head of technology, Mr. Dennis Buck, relies on staff for what needs to be restricted,¨ said Mrs. Costello, “When teachers see students using distracting apps, then they can recommend to have it blocked.”

However, not all faculty feels the same way. Pentucket’s Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Mr. Thornton commented on the matter saying, “I’m not a teacher so I only really see activity in the cafe, but if a student wants to use Snapchat or play a game during their free time then have it.¨ When asked whether he feels restricted media could become unblocked, Mr. Thornton added, “Yes, anything is possible.”

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