Mr. Dziedziak: Pentucket Bad Boy


bad boy 1

Blood. Sweat. And denim. A look inside the life of the most dangerous man in Pentucket. Mr. Dziedziak. Pentucket Bad Boy.


Mr. Dziedziak. One of this schools most celebrated educators, but also one of the most infamous bad boys. The man who sees himself as a mixture of the Insane Clown Posse’s very own “Shaggy 2 Dope” and Martin Luther King Sr. he is, the world’s most dangerous teacher.


One of Mr. Dziedziak’s most well known features, his love for blue jeans, is also one of the biggest no-no’s in teacher history. Not to the Pentucket Bad Boy. He wears jeans every day. And when he’s not wearing jeans, he busts out the cargo shorts for turning up the heat. It’s universally known that jeans are a Friday only thing. Not in this guy’s book. Mr. Dziedziak doesn’t play by the rules. When asked if he knew about this jean law that just about everyone and their mama knows about, he said, “I don’t believe in jean laws.” If this guy doesn’t believe in jean laws, then he probably doesn’t believe in any laws. Bad boy.


Mr. Dziedziak is one of the most straight up teachers in this school, a true blessing and a curse. I’ve seen this man scof in the face of the weak minded attempting to pass in something just short of garbage as a final essay. No games with this guy, nothing. Bad boy.


Mr. Dziedziak’s bad boy status is well known throughout the entire school, with good reason, this guy has got a reputation. When world renowned science teacher, Ms. Endyke, was asked what she thought of the Pentucket Bad Boy she simply said, with a nervous tone and the fear of god in her eyes, “no comment.” Big dog senior, Ulyana Wood, described him the way any other person with a brain would. “He is a bad boy!” If you come at the king, you best not miss.


End of the day, do not get on this guy’s bad side. You respect him, he respects you. Simple as that. Mess with the bull, brace for impact because here come the horns. Bad Boys