Pentucket High School Poetry Out Loud Competition

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Friday, April 26th, marks Pentucket’s very first Poetry Out Loud competition! Poetry Out Loud, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary, is an organization that holds poetry recitation contests within hundred of schools nationwide. The purpose of Poetry Out Loud is to get students interested in poetry and its influence. This competition was also made to help build student’s self confidence, public speaking, and love for English and the arts!

Through all English classes, students will compete against their fellow classmates by reciting their poetry. The classroom winners will then go head to head, and those winners will advance to the final round of the competition. The final round will be in the High School auditorium Friday, April 26th during sixth period. Students, teachers, and staff are all welcome to come watch!

The winner of the final Pentucket round will advance to the statewide competition.

Come watch and support this amazing poetry exploration!e