The Facial Hair Feud


With the start of the baseball season, the mustaches have begun to grow.


Although they are only temporary, everyone’s attention is focused on facial hair now, and the opinions are neverending.


Coming into school for the first time with a mustache, senior Cam Wolbach recalls walking down the hallway and hearing, “Shave it!” yelled at him numerous times.


Though most people are not fans of the “staches” or facial hair in general, the baseball team seems to think they rock them.


So the question is this: facial hair or no facial hair?


The unanimous opinion of a widespread group of Pentucket students is that the appeal of facial hair all depends on the person it is attached to.


“Some people can pull off but it’s not a good fit for others,” said senior Taylor Moore. The majority of people agree with this statement. There are some faces out there that are absolutely not meant for facial hair.


Sophomore Tess Moolic explained that handlebar mustaches and bushy beards are a no: “It has to be well taken care of.” Nobody wants to look at or touch a scraggly beard that looks as if it has small creatures living in it.


The male population of Pentucket High School had some more interesting things to say about the topic. Most agreed that growing facial hair is a positive thing.


“Well, in the right context, I think facial hair can be a great thing” said junior Simon Davis. A few figures that he feels wear facial hair very well are “the Pringles guy, the Monopoly man, and Colonel Sanders.”


Though people do have certain types of facial hair that they prefer, Nick Murphy believes that, “If you wanna rock facial hair you should.” Whether or not one can pull off facial hair, his decision for having it all comes down to personal preference.


Chinstraps, muttonchops, Fu Manchus, goatees, or handlebars. As Ryan DePaolo once said, “If you can pull it off, it’s good sty.”

Ryan is right. If you can wear your beard with complete confidence, do it. Even though there are many opinions circulating the halls of Pentucket regarding facial hair, the only opinion that truly matters is your own.