See Ya Later Seniors


As the days of being a senior come to a close for the Pentucket High School class of 2016, so do the days of seeing the same 750 some-odd faces every morning and walking the same halls each afternoon.


Along with the end of the most sought after year of high school comes the inescapable and perpetual question: what are you going to miss about high school?


Most high school graduates look back on these fruitful years with nostalgia and a tear in their eyes: freshman orientation, three seasons of sports, Halloween, Color Day, homecoming, field trips, Senior Celebration, prom, and finally graduation.


It is common to feel the tangible anguish that roams the halls of Pentucket as the age old school prepares to acquit yet another handful of students with promising futures ahead of them.


Everyone can feel the heartache.


Except for the seniors.


The seniors are so ready to burst out of the front doors of Pentucket, leave everyone behind, run to the beach, and live their lives free of high school. Ask any one of them and they will tell you they have been ready to graduate since the first day of senior year.


It was upon this desire that seniors were asked to reflect on the many things they are NOT going to miss about daily life at Pentucket High School.


The most obvious aspect of high school that any normal human being would not miss is the work: homework, tests, quizzes, projects, and essays.


The amount of work that students receive can be ridiculous. Who wants to read half a book, take notes, do six math sheets, and do a project all during vacation?!


Ryan Gavin said it best: ¨I will not miss homework because I believe that school should be based on what you learn in the building as opposed to what you do in your free time.¨


With the amount of classes and work that needs to be crammed into one school day, peoples’ days start off pretty early in the morning. Like so early that it’s still dark out.


Jon Holewinski, Trevor Snow, and Maddie Binding all agreed that waking up at the crack of dawn every morning for school is one hassle that they will not miss at all once they exit the doors of Pentucket for the last time. College will allow them to have more freedom with when they want to wake up in the morning as most classes do not start that early.


Along with college will come more freedom to choose who one’s friends are and who one sees every day. At a small school like Pentucket, it can get difficult to find variety in the faces one sees as he walks down the hallway.


¨I’m not going to miss being surrounded by people who, if I could choose, I would rather not spend my time with,” said David Greene. Not everyone gets along in high school. There is a lot of negativity; who wants to spend a majority of their time around people they don’t enjoy?


Not Carolyn Modlish.


She is ready to say goodbye to all of the drama that tags along with high school.


Brennan McGuirk and Beebe Jackson are ready to say goodbye to immature underclassmen or “most of the people [in the school].”


Travis Bounsy is not going to miss seeing his little sister every day.


Lindsey Karalias, an exuberant personality, truly appreciated the question: “HAHAHAHAHA oh where do I start? I don’t think I’m going to miss people who don’t know how to walk at a decent speed in the hallway and teachers who do not genuinely care about students’ education and are just here for the paycheck.”

All are completely valid answers. It is clear that the seniors are NOT going to miss high school at all.


But we all know that that’s not the truth. 😉