Olfactory That is Unsatisfactory Yet Sometimes Satisfactory

What do freshly cut grass, after shave, and salad dressing have in common? These smells can be found at Pentucket High School.


If you have ever meandered down the halls of Pentucket High School, you may have noticed the wide array of strange scents that circulate throughout the school building.


During our days here as Pentucket High School students, we have heard numerous comments addressing the odd aromas that can be found in certain areas of the school. Because of this, we decided to conduct an “investigation” to document the smells in certain sectors of the school system. The official Pentucket K9 Unit (Sarah Kern) was deployed to detect the definite distinguished scent in almost every hallway and classroom in the school.



1 Mrs. Ducolon’s Hall = soap, boys, clean air, fruit
 2 Guidance Hall = paper
 3 Central Hall = warm students
 4 Front door = electricity
 5 Guidance room = play-doh
 6 Physics hall = coffee, chlorine, gluestick
 7 Auditorium = wood
 8 Corner near Mrs. Lynch’s room = fish breath
 9 Back Stairs = Aquarium
 10 Back hall near Goguen = sharpie/kitten
 11 Library hall = pool
 12 Library = Freshly cut grass
  13 Library corner = Butter, pool
 14 Mrs. Costello’s office = air conditioner
 15 Mr. Seigfried’s room = Fresh water, clean hair
 16 Endyke’s Stairs = exotic onion
17 Language Hall = salad dressing



 18 Mr. Bart’s room = Mint, fresh deodorant
19 Elevator = Typewriter ink


20 Girl’s locker room = Perfume
















Mini gym = popcorn

 22 Gym = Wax, wood polish
 23 Gym Hall = pool, mildew
 24 Gym/Sports door and stairway = nothing
 25 Health Hall = Cleaning liquid
 26 Health Room = Mint, aftershave
27 Health Corner = Beach, sand


 28 Math Hall = Onions, garlic
 29 Band Hall = Cleaning liquid
 30 Band Room = Bad candle smell
 31 History Hall = Mold


We also conducted the investigation in the Middle School which, for some reason, smelled significantly better than the High School.  Mrs. Snow believes that the overuse of Axe spray has caused this slightly appealing aroma.


The Middle School also has some interesting smells. First, you will smell fruit deodorant in the front hall. Then, walking straight ahead down the first hall, you will notice shaving cream and matches. Taking a sharp right halfway through the hall, you will walk into the cafeteria and notice the smell of bad wet laundry sitting in dryer. Then, as you continue down the hall and take a left, you will smell flowers. Take another left to end up in the 7th grade hallway, which smells like a mixture of fresh markers, mildew, and crayon. Nearby, the 8th grade hallway smells of a gum package without gum in it. In the corner of the school, Señor Thomas’s class has the only pleasant scent, which is a fall spice candle. Lastly, as you walk down the hall past Señor’s room and take a right, the hall leading to the auditorium smells like seat upholstery, preschool clay, and hot fabric.


Now that you are aware of the stench that Pentucket High School gives off, choose your routes to classes wisely.


Smell ya later.