Debate Team at Pentucket


Ben Batchelder, Writer

Starting this year is the new, debate club. It meets every other friday and debates various controversial topics. At the last meeting, minimum wage was debated, and if it should be raised or kept the same.The team on raising ended up winning. Why should anyone join the debate team and what does it entail?

For some debates, you are put on a side, and for others you get to choose. This Friday’s debate is on who has a better stance on various topics, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It is an interesting and very controversial topic in America.

It is a very organized debate, so people have to wait their time on talking, and cannot interrupt people while they are sharing their ideas. All of the facts must have reliable sources, and you need to do a little research at home before you come into the debate, so you know what you’re talking about. Mrs Torosian, the club advisor, keeps it under control and makes sure no one is breaking the rules.

This year the team is not debating other schools, and is just keeping it versus each other. In the upcoming years there is hope to debate with other schools in the area, and possible even this year to scrimmage the other closest debate team. There are many rules, so it is not as easy as saying a few words, you need to get out as much facts and quotes as you can before your time is up. It takes awhile for someone to be skilled at this, and that is why they are not going to debate another school until the team learns the ropes about the rules and strategies of debating.

Even though the debate team has already started, you can school loop email junior Skylar Smith and learn more about joining!