Pentucket Arts Festival



On Thursday, May 3, the Pentucket Arts Festival was held at Pentucket Regional High School to showcase art pieces that students crafted during the semester. All throughout the school were splashes of color and uniquely designed pieces that immediately gained attention and enraptured observers around them. Each work of art varied in style, ranging from self portraits and charcoal drawings to pop art. The grade levels of each artist differed as well, with groups as young as seventh grade up to seniors in high school.

People visited the school to see the art collection, and many were quick to praise the artists. “It shows how diverse and talented the students at Pentucket are,” one spectator said.

The pieces also captured the hard work and dedication the artists put into their creations. “It’s cool seeing all the art others made,” one artist said, “it was fun to see everyone’s hard work.”

Music also accompanied the art gallery, with string quartets, chorus, jazz and many others performing throughout the evening. Songs varied from “La Confession” that was played by a high school strings group to a vocalist solo of “I Dreamed a Dream.” One student composed his own piano piece to present to the crowd.

As the night continued on, visual arts from both the middle school and high school were presented. Videos created in video production classes were viewed in dark rooms, and small crowds formed to watch the entertaining projects. Students also displayed slideshows with intriguing photos that told many stories.

Those who attended the event had the chance to buy small pieces of art and food. The proceeds made from these items went to the EBH Scholarship Fund to help Pentucket students pursue arts after graduation. The enjoyable evening hosted by the Pentucket Arts Academy and the Pentucket Music Conservatory was surely a night to remember.