I Follow the Stars


   I Follow the Stars

I get lost in my daydreams

As I would get lost at sea

I follow the stars

Only to gaze too far into their depths

And soon I have sailed

Into and infinite ocean

Carried by this turquoise tide

Her gentle hand guiding me

Too far to return to where I came

Amongst the waves I am alone

Yet the beckoning current welcomes me

As an old friend

Reunited at last

The waters crystallize before me

Leading me deeper into this kingdom

Of starlight and storms

Soon I cannot discern

What is sky and what is sea

For the world has unfolded

Before me

I am flying

Not sailing

One these shimmering shores

Stardust collects in my eyes

And I see no more

Now I simply feel

The air that swirls around me

And I am free

On this tide

-Hannah Grinnell