I’m Sorry


I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I sleep in class

I’m sorry I can’t do math

I’m sorry I can’t think straight

I’m sorry I procrastinate

I’m sorry that I’m too loud

I’m sorry I never made you proud

I’m sorry I’m overdramatic

I’m sorry I’m problematic

I’m sorry I’m a disgrace

I’m sorry for my ugly face

I was sorry when I was underweight

Now I’m sorry that I’m overweight

I’m told to be sorry when I speak my mind

Which means I’m sorry all the time

For how much I say sorry everyday

It seems like I should be getting paid

I blame my sorry’s on anxiety

But I feel like it’s just society

We’re told that nice girls get the man

But being nice was never my plan

I don’t try to be apologetic with what I say

But that “sorry” always slips out anyway

It’s like a compulsion of the weirdest kind

Some quirk or tick that controls my mind

So I’m sorry I’m like this

I’m sorry that I exist

I’m just