Cry me a river


Cry me a river

No, actually do it

Cry and cry until there is a new river on the map of the world

It is okay to cry

Crying does not mean you are weak

It just means you have been trying so so hard to be strong, and you’re finally able to let go

Let your river of tears cleanse you of all your pain

No one should have to carry the weight of the world in their eyes, all bottled up

And I want you to know that it is okay to let go

It is okay to cry

If one were to look at a river what does it do?

It just simply flows

And with that you can allow yourself to cry

Let go of all the heaviness held in those sad eyes

Those eyes that have seen more than they can bear

Allow yourself to feel everything

Then watch all of the pain disappear in your river

So when you’re ready


Cry me a river