Dear Basketball

Dear Basketball

Anonymous, Writer

Dear Basketball,

You have given me everything I’ve ever wanted. You give me a feeling that nothing can match. I fell in love with you when I was in the first grade and the feeling never stopped. When I hold you and bounce you, you make me feel like I have something. My love for you goes deeper than the wood floors, higher than any basket, and brighter than any ball. It’s more than I can ever pay you back for. Your beauty is simplistic. Watching you makes me happy. Playing with you gives me a rush. I’m different when I’m with you. I’m trying to give back what you’ve given to me because I know you will far outlive me. You will move on from me, on to other kids, but I will never be able to move on from you. I will never be able to let you go or pass you by. I’m addicted, an addiction I’m not ashamed to admit. A sweet sweet addiction, and I’ll never get clean. I spill myself on the court for you;  I hope you take some of me and keep it with you. I hope you remember me. I hope you will miss me when I’m gone from you. I want you to see me, but you have no eyes. I want you to hear me, but you have no ears. I want you to talk to me and tell me my life will be normal without you, but you have no voice. My life will never be normal, not once you leave.


The boy you’ll never know