The Sachem Human Knot

Spirit week has always been a highlight of the school year for Pentucket students, and this year everyone is going all out. Every day after school, there has been an activity in the gym in which students can participate and earn points for their class.

The first after school event, which took place on Wednesday, was a human knot. Ten people stand in a circle and grab hands haphazardly, and then try to untangle without letting go of each other’s hands.

Representing the senior class was Logan Sherwood, Davis Jackson, Mary Kate Corrado, Liza Brackbill, Melissa Kowalick, Rachel E. Perry, Emily Daroga, Tory Ruggerio, Andrew Capobianco, and Cam Silveira.

The junior class participants were Zack Dresser, Tyler Feeny, Jak Klosowski, Ben Klosowski, Jeremy Binding, Danny Beaton, Ryan Beaton, Olivia Spofford, Sarah Wiles, and Luca Provencal.

Unfortunately, the sophomores, freshmen, and teachers were unable to round up enough people to participate. The freshmen placed fifth, teachers fourth, and sophomores third based on the number of those who showed up, though they were all fewer than ten.

With all other competition eliminated, the juniors and seniors jumped into the fray. For quite a long time, neither team seemed to be making any progress. “It gave me war flashbacks.” said Andrew Capobianco when asked to describe the experience. “There was a lot of yelling, and a lot of friendship. We were all connected physically, but we also felt connected in a deeper way.”

After many minutes of this intense battle, the junior team decided to collectively sit down. An interesting strategy, but it paid off as they appeared to be victorious not long after.

The seniors immediately called foul, however, and after reviewing the footage, an illegal slip of the hand was discovered on the junior side, which meant a triumph for the Class of 2014.

“Under the strong leadership of Davis Jackson, we were practically unbeatable.” Andrew said of the victory. The senior class is currently in the lead of the Color Day standings, but that, like any competition, is subject to change at the drop of a hat.