Senior Feature: Tess Graham


Photo Source: Provided by Tess Graham

Kenneth Lee, Writer

Tess Graham played varsity soccer throughout high school from freshman to senior year. Graham had a big part in helping the team make it to the state tournament her junior and senior years. From elementary school until her high school career, Tess played club soccer to improve even more on the game as well. 

She will be attending Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences as a human physiology major. Graham’s goal is to fulfill the requirements to get into medical school, as she would like to see herself as a surgeon one day. 

Graham will miss many aspects of high school from seeing her friends and her teachers every day as well as sports seasons. She is excited to see what the future holds for herself and classmates. Graham works for a standardized testing company out of Danvers, Massachusetts called Sullivan Tutoring. She has volunteered in hospitals to help prepare for her future, and she has also organized community events to help the homeless. 

Her favorite memory of high school is freshman year on the varsity soccer team. “It was the best season I ever had and the most fun playing the sport,” Graham said.