Senior Feature: Tess Beech


Photo Source: Provided by Tess Beech

Brett Carlson, Writer

Graduating Senior Tess Beech will be attending St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania, where she will major in food marketing. During her time at Pentucket, Tess played field hockey, lacrosse, and indoor track. She was also part of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).

Tess’s favorite class was “What if it Never Happened.” Tess thought it was “completely different from a regular US history class one would take at Pentucket.” 

Tess’s favorite teacher was Mrs. Kelly, and she believed that “Pentucket is very lucky to have her.” Besides academics, Tess loved Spirit Week, helping to make the Color Day video, and watching Pentucket basketball games.

Tess also worked for Market Basket, the Haverhill Country Club, and she volunteered for the Merrimack Valley Hope Mission, where she made and distributed sandwiches and snack bags to homeless people in need. Her volunteer work helped her “realize how fortunate [she was] to have to not have to worry about where [her] next meal is coming from, or where [she would] sleep that night, and a lot of other things that the homeless community struggle with on a daily basis.”