Disney’s Frozen

Disney’s latest creation continues the trend of greatness.

The newest movie Frozen is the story of a fun loving princess, Anna, as she searches for her sister.  Along the way she meets an enchanted and optimistic snowman, Olaf, and the mountain man, Kristoff.  Kristoff is reluctant to join the search but decides it’s for the best if it will end the winter Elsa created and get his ice market relevant again.

Elsa, the older sister and queen of Arendelle, is an amazing character.  She was cursed from birth to have magical ice powers, but after accidently hurting her sister when they were young, the royal family decides it’s for the best if she keeps them hidden from everyone, even her sister has all memory of the powers erased.  She spends her time alone and scared that she’ll hurt someone again.   Her story pulls at your heartstrings as you see her growing up in solitude and terrified of letting her powers show.

On the other hand, Anna doesn’t know why her sister doesn’t want to be around her anymore.  She feels lonely and just wants to be around people.  She dreams of having friends and of romance.  She’s a dreamer and doesn’t always think things through.  She acts on instinct which helps to drive the plot.

The endless winter that covers the land is beautifully created.  The amount of work that went in to the movie shows in the snow.  Each snowflake on screen is different from the next, the animators made sure each was unique.  There were some major animation mistakes in two scenes, where some clipping wasn’t corrected, but unless you’re into animation you probably won’t even notice.

The soundtrack was gorgeous; the songs fit the scenes and the characters so well.  The variety was a nice balance between modern and classical.

The movie brought me to tears multiple times, I even saw tears in the eyes of parents who were dragged along by their kids.  I definitely recommend it because it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful movie of 2013.