Venom Let There Be Carnage Review

Venom Let There Be Carnage Review

Seamus Dowling, Writer

Venom Let There Be Carnage was released on October 1st, and I saw it on Friday with my friends and on Sunday with my mom. After seeing it two times, I have to say it was pretty good and pretty bad.


Is it the best superhero movie, no but is it better than some? Yes, 100%.


Venom Let There Be Carnage is a fun ride and a very watchable movie.


I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about the film being 90 minutes, but it is the perfect length, but it could have had five minutes added on to it to explain some stuff. Anything longer would have made the film feel like a slog to get through.


It also deserves the pandemic opening weekend box office record with 90.1 million.


Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with the film was because I was not overly hyped for the movie, but I left the theatre liking it a lot more.


I thought it was going to be bad because it was not rated R, so the filmmakers could not show how deadly and what a threat Carnage was, but with a hard PG-13 rating, the film did a good job at making the audience fear Carnage.


My only knock against the film is that some of the characters felt unnecessary and/ or undeveloped.


The film was not perfect, but I enjoyed it because it is so chaotic and it is actually bad but in a good way.


It is not like the standard good superhero movie, it is bad because of plot conveniences and most of the film in general, but it was so good. It is a weird paradox because I do not like good but bad movies, but I liked this movie.


It was an entertaining ride nonetheless; I enjoyed it more than high quality but boring movies.


The movie was never boring because there was always something interesting, funny (intentional and unintentional), and cool happening on screen.


A lot of superhero movies are good, but they have a boring element to them which causes the film to slog.


Venom Let There Be Carnage is not like those films.


I took notes about the movie during my second viewing, like with my Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings article.


Here are my notes:


* SPOILER ALERT: Do not read this before you see Venom Let There Be Carnage if you are interested in seeing it. If you do not care, then read along. Okay, you have been warned.


“The sound design in the Shriek opening scene is better the second time because I can hear it better compared to the first time I heard it.”


“Is Sherik a mutant?”


“What is the background of Eddie and Detective Mulligan? Is he just a journalist working with him, or is it something else?”


“What is Cletus saying?”


“I feel like the writers are trying to make Cletus sound crazy by talking in poetry, but it does not work.”


“WebFindIt, or just knock off google. I feel like a lot of movies have a web finder thing.”


“I like the stop motion drawing for Cletus’ backstory.”


“M&M product placement”


“What is the background behind Eddie and Cletus? I feel confused. I wish they explained it more.”


“Eddie baby talk?”




“I like that Venom and Eddie banter more because I liked it a lot in the first movie.”


“The writing is better.”


“Cletus looks like Frank Heffley.”


“The first scene with Carnage is generally scarry. It was so suspenseful waiting to see him pop out.”


“Carnage is overall terrifying.”


“How tall is Carnage?”


“Carnage’s prison break is scary and showcases his powers and his threat to Eddie.”


“Sam Rami Daily Bugle”


“Does Eddie Brock work for the Daily Bugle?”


“Does Venom Let There Be Carnage takes place in the Ramiverse?”


“Woody Harrelson’s deliver is a little weird. I think it is supposed to come off as unhinged.”


“Plot hole: how does Shriek know how to drive since she has been in an orphanage and a mental asylum for her whole life?”




“The final act is very interesting and different from most superhero movies.”




“The shot of Carnage over the stained glass window is beautiful.”


“Is the metal rod an easter egg to Spider-Man Three?”


“Anne falling reminded me of when Gwen Stacy fell and died in The Amazing Spider-Man Two.”


“Is Shriek dead?”


“I like the final fight more than the first movie because the theming is better, and both characters fighting are not the same color, so you can see what is going on.”


“Is Venom more powerful after eating the Carnage symbiote?”


“Is Mulligan Toxin?”


“I like the Don Quixote comparison.”


“Is Eddie in Mexico like in the comics?”


“Lethal protector; anti-hero”


“I liked Tom Hardy more in this movie than in the first Venom.”


“Shriek was not really developed.”


“The end credits look like the brain.”


“Chessy soap opera”


“Golden State Warriors Shirt”


“The credit scene is so amazing. It is probably the best part of the movie and one of the best credit scenes. I will not say it here because I think even if you did not heed my spoiler warning, I do not want to say it here because it has to be seen spoiler-free.”


Venom Let There Be Carnage was overall a good and bad film that could have been a little better because of some story issues, character development, and a plot hole, but overall it was a good and enjoyable movie thanks to its humor, camp, the main lead, action, etc.


I give Venom Let There Be Carnage a 7 out of 10.


Do not let what the critics say influence your thoughts about this movie. Venom Let There Be Carnage was a bad but good and surprisingly entertaining movie that everyone will like.