Winter Wonderland

With another four inches added to the already deep snow in West Newbury, the town is a frozen wonderland for many children. The forecast of snow is music to the ears of Pentucket students who have been patiently waiting in high hopes of the first big snow of the year. The anticipation of the upcoming snowfall left students of the district thinking about all their favorite winter activities. Whether they are serious skiers or just love the season, the ways that students of the district enjoy the season are endless.

“I love just walking in my woods in the winter” said Julie Stasuik. “It’s so beautiful and the snow makes it so peaceful.”

Other than just enjoying its natural beauty, many students use the snow for competitive or recreational sporting.

“Winter is my favorite season because I love to ski” said Nolan Bridgewater. “My family has a ski condo in North Conway and I can just ski all day. We even take our cats sometimes! Scruffy loves the chairlift!”

That is what winter is all about in New England; family, friends, and making the most of the dramatic weather in our region.