The Beauty of “Me and Your Mama”

Photo Source: Glassnote Records

Photo Source: Glassnote Records

Tanner Bounsy, Writer

Childish Gambino is an amazing artist and he has made some of my favorite songs of all time, the main one being “Me and Your Mama.” I consider this song to be among some of the best songs of all time. There are three main parts to this song, and each has some of the best music that has ever touched my ears.




The song starts off with some chime sounds, and then a woman singing. The woman repeats the line: “I’m in love when we are smoking that La-La-La-La-La.” As she keeps repeating that line, more instruments seem to appear in the music. This intro lasts around two minutes.


I love this intro of this song because it throws everything off. The intro of a song is what is supposed to set the tone for the whole song, but this one does the opposite. It is very nice and peaceful, but then jumps to the next part of the song instantly.


The Good Stuff


Right from the soft chimes singing, the electric guitar comes in with a deep, evil-sounding laugh. A complete switch from the calming intro to the aggressive middle part of the song. Gambino comes in with his amazing vocals. It is hard to explain what is going on in this part of the song, but it is so good. As he sings over the aggressive beat, there is what sounds like a choir in the background. 


This part of the song is easily the best part, and I consider it as some of the best music of all time. Everytime I hear it change from the intro to I get goosebumps. The energy this part gives off is so exhilarating and it is sort of addicting. Whatever mood I am in completely changes when I listen to this section.




Just like the intro to the middle part, the middle to the outro happens instantly, and fakes the listener by making it sound like a beat drop. The outro is very similar to the intro, but there are no vocals and it feels much more freeing. It consists of a guitar playing the same chords as the middle part, but the guitar is much more soft and sounds like a harp. It slowly fades away as the song ends.


This outro is very calm, and I like it because it makes you slow down and recover from the intense middle part. It is hard to choose whether or notthis is better than the intro. I like the absence of the vocals because it is very recollecting and the contrast is beautiful going from crazy to calm.




If you have not listen to this song, I definitely recommend it if you enjoy rock and soul music, because to me, this song definitely speaks to my soul. It is truely a masterpiece among music, but if you don’t like it, that’s fine. It may not be something that you are into and that is completely okay because music is completely subjective and you should enjoy what you like.