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The student news site of Pentucket Regional High School

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The student news site of Pentucket Regional High School

Pentucket Profile

The Concert Ticket Crisis

Photo Source: PEXELS.com
Photo Source: PEXELS.com


Music is a very popular source of therapy. It helps people express how they feel. Music helps me and I’m sure it helps other people too. Almost everyone listens to music. People listen to different genres of music and all different types of artists. Senior Austin Levine said, “I love listening to music, I enjoy listening to all kinds of music.”


I have a few favorite artists now, and they all have contracts with the same label. Ken Carson is probably one of top favorite artists in their label, and personally, he is my favorite artist. He just dropped a long-awaited album called A Great Chaos. Fans are commenting online saying it could be the album of the year. Personally, I think it is too.


Playboy Carti and Destroy Lonely

Playboi Carti and Destroy Lonely are also very popular artists on the label. They most likely would be at the top of the leaderboards if they dropped enough music. Playboi Carti’s last album, Whole Lotta Red, was dropped in December 2020. Since then, he has only featured in a few songs. Fans who listen to him are basically stuck either listening to music he dropped or unreleased music that will never be released. 


Ken Carson

One of the reasons Ken Carson is one of my favorite singers is because he consistently drops albums and music. He has dropped a new album every year since 2021. He also has many unreleased songs that are pretty popular. 


I’m looking forward to February 2nd because multiple artists including, Ken Carson, Destroy Lonely, Playboi Carti, and Homixide Gang are all going on tour together at TD Garden. People spent $500 just to get tickets on the floor. The concert was supposed to be on September 13th but the entire tour was delayed back a couple of months. Concert tickets nowadays are very expensive, which can be very annoying. 


The Price Dilemma

Sometimes artists raise prices for concert tickets to huge amounts right before they go on sale. I’ve wanted to see Playboi Carti for a pretty long time and when the tickets become available they ended up being up to $800 just for a floor ticket. Artists these days often have concerts and the tickets end up being over thousands of dollars. It’s sometimes not even worth going to the concert, because who wants to spend a thousand dollars just to get in? Personally, I think that charging that much is wrong. They are already rich, do they really need that much more money from everyone? 


Imposing “Price Limits”

There should be a price limit on how much a ticket could be. There should be set prices and whoever gets them first gets them. Reselling tickets is one of the big problems. People will buy a bunch of tickets during the presale for cheap, and when it is sold out they will resell the tickets for thousands of dollars. It’s not really fair to other people who try to buy their tickets right away but can’t because resellers have bought all the tickets to resell them for an unbelievable price. Austin Levine said, “I bought Travis Scott tickets for hundreds of dollars more than the tickets should have been.”


Many people argue that reselling concert tickets for more than the original cost is morally wrong. Senior Jayda Hernandez said, “I hate buying concert tickets because it’s not worth spending unrealistic amounts just to see someone in concert.” 


Almost everyone would say yes to seeing their favorite singer in concert. But would you still say yes if you knew that the concert tickets were thousands of dollars? Instead of the artist singing just to their true audience, they now are singing to the people who can afford these overpriced tickets.


Concerts should not be as expensive as they are. They should be cheaper than what they are now. More people could go and it would be a more fun experience. Lastly, reselling shouldn’t be allowed, it should be that those who buy the tickets first get them- and other people just have to wait until the next concert opens up. 

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