Introducing Dalle; Where Will AI Art Go?

Photo Source: DALL.E.

Photo Source: DALL.E.

Zoe Dunn, Writer

Technology has been advancing in the art community for some time now, creating new ways to make images from a description into a digital art piece in seconds.


Other innovations art has seen

 In this art network, you can commission almost anything, from epic war scenes to bunnies in a flower field. For example, if you wanted an image of an armchair shaped like an avocado, in a few seconds, the generator makes a variety of descriptions. DALL.E. is a powerful tool for generating pictures that are photo-realistic, but it can be a huge downfall for artists who actually make their own work.  


What is it? What can it do?

This network is called DALL.E:, it is an AI art generator that can generate any type of description into a photo-realistic painting. The generator has many other features such as creating anthropomorphized versions of animals and objects, combining unrelated concepts in plausible ways, rendering text, and applying transformations to existing images.  DALL.E: has control over viewpoints of scenery – control over the viewpoint of a scene including the 3D style in which the scene is rendered, given with accurate descriptions. This visual model has options for “optical distortions” – also referred to as optical aberration that deforms and bends straight lines to make them appear curvy. Visualizing internal and external structures explored DALL.E: ability to render this with sectional views and external structures with macro photographs. DALL.E: has shown us that it has the ability to do anything. DALL.E. is a highly intelligent network with high-quality pictures generated at a quick speed.


Thoughts and opinions

Creators and users have experience with the network but, what do other people think of it? Do you think it’s taking away real art? Is it good for artists to find inspiration? Is it even art? I’ve made a survey of questions to ask Pentucket students to get their ideas and opinions on this.  65.8% of the students at Pentucket have heard of DALL.E. while 34.2% have not. 15.8% of students say they use this website while 71.1% have not. Students have said,  “An art generator focuses on Turning art into imagination so I believe it is creating a different perspective on the artwork.”

Photo Source: Zoe Dunn

“I don’t think that AI-generated art is real art because it’s not created by a person and does not require too much effort.”

“I think the generator takes away from real art, as it limits personal expression and is just a combination of things that it has been taught.”

“In certain ways, it can take away the long process and talent it takes to create physical art.”

Photo Source: Zoe Dunn

The art public believes that DALL.E. has become too advanced in technology and is starting to concern artists for their future. One thing I would like to critique is that you can’t give any credit to the art piece since a computer made the artwork. I would give DALL.E. a try and see the many art styles it can do. I’m very impressed with the skills it has and wonder how it will advance in the future.