A Step Away From Broadway


This year, Pentucket Regional High School epitomizes this word as it proudly presents the Americana play, The Music Man, for its fall musical. A classic Broadway play, The Music Man follows the story of Harold Hill, a con man whose latest scam is to swindle the naïve townspeople of River City by starting a boys’ band. Filled with fun for the whole family, here are five reasons why you should attend this year’s play.

  1. The Performers are Better than Ever.

This year’s crop of entertainers are very theatrical and also known to put on a good show. Mrs. McGowan, the director of this play, claims: “At the present time, we have many students who are talented. I was trying to pick a play that would give as many opportunities to all students.”


Mrs. McGowan also included that there are “a lot of men who are talented right now.” This play is the perfect place to showcase these men’s vocal abilities, as the roles are not female-dominated.


Also, this play is one of the last for our talented seniors. For them, this experience is, as senior Kevin Lundy states, “A bittersweet [experience].”  Come and support your fellow classmates as they shine in their second-to-last-musical: Gwendolin Bellamy, Tim Boyd, Alyssa Fredrick, Ben Joyall, Nate Joyall, Kevin Lundy, Caitlin Miracle, Eric Raimondi, Natalie Scott, Blaine Senechal, and Rachel Smith.


  1. The Freshmen are Really Proving Themselves.

This year, there are eighteen newbies performing in The Music Man. Whether they are acting veterans or dabbling in theatre for the first time, it appears that the newcomers are succeeding in providing musical justice to this play.


“The freshmen that are in [The Music Man] are up for the challenge” says Bryan Marden, a freshman acting in the play’s ensemble, “Overall everyone is very confident.”


Lundy, who plays the lead role of Harold Hill and is by no means an amateur, also has faith in the freshmen: “I applaud them every day.”


  1. Consider This a Present to Your Family.

“I’m going to be singing in the audience!” This was the reaction of Pentucket teacher Mrs. Cavallaro to the upcoming play. “I cannot wait.”


The Music Man, while still a classic, is an older play. The Broadway show was popular during 1957. The 1962 film adaptation of the play was also praised as being one of the year’s biggest hits. That means The Music Man was popular around the time your parents (or possibly grandparents) were in high school.


So bring your parents to see this play. It will remind them of their time in high school, and bring smiles to their faces.





  1. You’ll Leave Humming the Show Tunes.

When The Music Man first arrived on Broadway, America’s population fell in love with the plotline, as well as the musical numbers. The cast album was so popular that it appeared on the Billboard charts for 245 weeks.


One song to look out for is “The Wells Fargo Wagon”, a melody favored by Pentucket’s Molly Moore, who plays the female lead Marian. She enjoys “The Wells Fargo Wagon” because the whole cast is in it, the music is uplifting, and the scene is amusing to watch.


Other songs include “(Ya Got) Trouble”, “Shipoopi”, and “Will I Ever Tell You”.


  1. If You Can’t Afford Broadway, This is the Next Best Thing.

The Music Man is considered one of the iconic Broadway plays, winning five Tony Awards, and also running for 1,375 productions. Today, Pentucket High School looks to follow in the footsteps of this successful show.


Not only has Pentucket mimicked The Music Man, it has also created some Broadway-like spectacles of its own.


Amelia Luke, dance captain for the musical, is excited to perform the over-the-top dance routines for audiences, like the dance from “Marian the Librarian”. In this scene, “everyone has the top of a book to make music with. It’s simple but it’s going to look really elaborate” as Luke puts it.


Mrs. McGowan has also made mention that there is to be a big surprise at the end. If you are just dying to know what that surprise is, then go see The Music Man, coming soon to Pentucket High School.