If You were Famous

Have you ever dreamt about being famous? Imagine what it would be like to be known by millions of people all over the world. What would you want to be known for? 

Pentucket students Angela Patriakias (junior), Billy O'Neal (sophomore), and Sam Mlynarski (sophomore) all say they would want to be famous actors or movie stars. Angela says, " I feel like it's cool to see yourself on TV."

Pentucket Senior Tucker Dumas would be a professional skateboarder. He says, "You literally get money for skating and drinking Monster." 

Pentucket Senior Ethan Bridgewater, who is quite indecisive, says, "Astronaut... or no, learn to communicate with animals...just kidding astronaut."

Then Mrs. Barlow takes a different approach and decides she wants to be famous for something more helpful: "I think donating money to a worthy cause like schools or finding a cure for dementia would be nice." 

And last, Nicola Elardo said she wants to be famous for something completely out of the ordinary. She wants to be famous for 

"eating the biggest hot dog... because I like hot dogs. Wait, no, switch that! Playing the song 'Flight of the Bumblebee' on a bass trombone." ”

— Nicola Elardo

(https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aYAJopwEYv8) Now that you have voiced your plan to become famous, go out and do it! Stop just thinking about it, go make your dreams become your reality.