Living the Simple Life

There are millions of different Jacks all over the world; different in their own ways, but how many of these Jacks exclude the “c” when they spell their name, and claim their favorite class is “lunch”?

Jak Klosowski, Pentucket Junior, seems to have an interesting impact on people, especially at Pentucket High School.  When asked about Jak, students from Pentucket claim he is simple.  In fact, when Luke Strangman, John Luc Sarkis, and Bobby Barry were asked how they felt about Jak, they replied, “simple.”

‘Simple Jak’ actually is Jak Klosowski’s nickname.  Simple, the definition of which is easy to understand, not complex or elaborate; in those terms simple is a good way of describing Jak Klosowski.  Friends and teammates know what to expect from him.  He has a funny, no frills approach to life.  Ben Smith claims, “Jak is a fantastic team player, and possibly one to the all-time greatest at JV lacrosse.  One of the biggest Bros at Pentucket.”

Jak always has a positive attitude, is an all-out funny guy to hang around with, and is always there for his friends, which is why he has so many.  Senortia Cavallaro can tell Jak is a great kid even though she does not have him in class, and claims, “I really like how he looks after his friends and it matters to him what is going on in their lives.”

Jak’s humorous explanation for how he became the person he is today is, “Ummm, well one day I was bored and that was the creation of me.  I started becoming the Jackaroo and then I went to my friend’s house and ate some delicious garlic bread.”

Jak’s brother, Ben Klosowski, describes Jak as “living hell.” However, being brothers they share a special bond and will, for the most part, have each other’s back.  This is what makes Jak Klosowski the Jack we know without the ‘c.’