Applying To College (groan)

Possibly one of the most stressful, annoying and terrifying parts of high school: applying to college.

Deadlines are getting closer and applications are beginning to be sent out. Pretty much the whole senior class believes that applying to college is so stressful. College applications consist of sleepless nights, tons of pressure, and lots of thinking. The college application process has all the seniors currently stressed out and trying to rush through it, but they still are putting lots of thought into it. The worst part is having all the different steps online you have to do in order to have everything send through. Request transcripts and recommendations, connect Naviance to Common App, fill out the Common App, getting your SAT scores in, and finally; writing your essay. Clearly, the college process is not a breeze.

Seniors, Kristina O’Neil, Kade Burch and Emily Carr all agree that college applying is nothing but stressful, but they know it will be worth it in the end. They have each spent many hours working on their applications and essays, but it has to be done. “We know it will pay off in the end, even though it is always on our minds on top of school work also,” said Kade Burch.

Everyone knows that college is the beginning of growing up and we will share our best memories through college, and meet lifelong friends. On the other hand, all the stress of getting into college can be a real hassle.  The fact that you might not get into every single college you apply to is even more terrifying.  Without the help of guidance this process would be so much worse. The Guidance department has done everything they can do to help us. They are always available for people to stop in and ask any questions that they may have.

The members of Guidance explained that they are doing all they can to help us succeed and will do whatever to make the process easier for us. They understand that it is stressful and tedious but they will always be there to help us. “Students will be so relieved once they hit the send button and it’s all done” Mr. Smith said.

The student s and faculty here at PRHS all understand how important this time is with everyone applying to school, and how stressful it can get. It will pay off when our senior class graduates high school and most of them head off to college next fall.