Color Day Festivities

As Pentucket High School prepares for the annual color day pep rally, the students get into the spirit with many lunch festivities.

On Wednesday there was a trivia contest that tested students’ knowledge with Pentucket themed trivia questions. The three lunches all held a contest, but overall the juniors pulled out the win for their class earning them points for color day.

Thursday, at all of the lunches, pie eating contests were held for the students. Two students from each class were able to participate in the contest each lunch. Overall seniors won the pie eating contest challenge and took the lead in color day.

On Friday the “Name that teacher” contest took place at all three lunches. Once again the seniors won the contest overall, and are in the lead for color day.

The final scores as of Friday has seniors in the lead with four points, Juniors in second place with eight points, freshman coming in third with nine points, sophomores in fourth place with ten points, and finally teachers in last place with fourteen points.