Senior Feature: Owen Drescher


(Photo Source: Mark Lawrence Photography)

Lizzie Kershaw, Writer

Owen participated in football all four years of high school. He never missed a practice and received the Ironman Award. He participated in baseball during his freshman and sophomore years. He also participated in indoor track for Grades 10 through 12 and outdoor track for Grades 11 and 12. Owen played the cello from third grade until his senior year and was even Orchestra President. He was a peer mentor for both his junior and senior year. 

Owen will be attending UMass Amherst and will be studying physics. He is interested in going into law but would also be happy becoming a physicist. 

Owen will miss everything about Pentucket from his coaches, friends, teachers, to “the crumbling school itself.” Owen appreciated everything about Pentucket, especially gym class, and hopes to visit next year and participate. Owen’s favorite memory from his time at Pentucket was when he lightly threw a ball at Coach Leary’s back and he turned around to give Owen a death stare. He was then asked to sit out for the remainder of class. Owen feels like all his coaches, especially Coach Hayden, have changed his life for the better. He was against the construction of the new school because he will not be able to show his children all the memories he had at Pentucket. However, he states, “Pentucket may be a school in a state of disrepair, but it has been my home for four years, and soon the seemingly ancient building will only exist in our memories.” He hopes he and his fellow seniors will be able to participate in senior activities over the summer because he feels they have robbed of their time at the school. 

We wish Owen the best of luck at UMass Amherst and appreciate his enthusiasm for Pentucket.