Senior Feature: Grace McIntrye


Parker Greason, WRITER

Grace is captain of the Triton Swim Team. She has been a part of the team for all four years of high school, and was awarded the coach’s award. 

Credit: Shannon Lucia

Grace has participated in the art program all through middle and high school. She is currently in AP Studio. Here is an example of the work she completed for her final portfolio:

Credit: Grace McIntrye

For the past two years, Grace has been employed as a teacher’s aide at Koinonia Early Childhood Center, as she loves working with children. She has volunteered at many organizations, but most prominently at Koinonia, and the Arthritis Foundation. In fact, Grace currently has over 500 hours of community service logged. 

Grace’s favorite memories at Pentucket are all of the color days and spirit week events, where the school really unified as a whole.

Grace will miss the teachers, especially Mrs. Treado, Mr. Langlois, Mrs. Lynch, and so many more. These teachers have been such a large part of making her high school career so wonderful, and she will be forever grateful for them. “I never thought that I would be able to do as well as I did academically, and owes a lot of my success to my teachers” 

She wants to thank all the students, teachers, and administrators who have contributed to making the high school experience as great as it possibly could be: It’s sad how it’s ending.

Grace’s favorite class was physics with Mr. Langlois. She also loved her photography classes and having access to the darkroom.

After graduation, Grace will be attending Merrimack College majoring in Early Childhood Education.