Senior Feature: Alexandria Janelli-Fowler


Photo Source: Lost is Found Studio

Jillian Colbert, Writer

Alexandria was the President of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at Pentucket. She was also an avid theater participant for eight shows. Post graduation, Alexandria is going into criminal justice and then onto the police academy.

Alexandria works with the elderly, specifically an 88-year-old man named Royal Feltner. She was also a scare actor and a counselor at the YMCA Camp Lincoln in Kingston, New Hampshire.

Alexandria’s favorite memories at Pentucket are all of the theater shows and homecoming. Mr. Kalajyin, Ms. MacLennan, and Mrs. McGowan are the Pentucket teachers that she will miss the most. 

We thank her for the incredible amount of time and effort she put into the GSA and we wish her well in the future!