Senior Feature: Zach Spaulding

Zach Roberts, Copy Editor

Meet Zack Spaulding. He is a senior here at Pentucket High School and will be graduating this year.

Zach has done a few extracurricular activities over the course of his time at Pentucket. He played baseball from second grade all the way up until eighth grade. In addition to that, he participated in Mr. Bart’s Smash Club, which is centered around the video game Super Smash Bros.

Once he graduates, he wants to go off to college in the fall “to try to find out what I want to do for the rest of my life.” He is considering becoming an accountant or something similar.

His favorite memory from his high school years is from his sophomore year. One of his friend’s transferred schools, and every weekend of third quarter Spaulding spent living at his friend’s house.

After leaving Pentucket, the part he will miss the most is “seeing friends everyday.” He said that his favorite class varied over the years, but his favorite teacher was Mr. Bart because “he’s funny and a good friend.”