Senior Feature: Katie Rosa

Photo Source: Meri Uusitalo

Photo Source: Meri Uusitalo

Parker Greason, Writer

Katie attended sailing classes and raced at Sandy Bay Yacht Club in Rockport, MA during the summers of 2018 and 2019. She played field hockey her freshman and sophomore years, and she was a part of the tennis team her junior year. Since 2014, Katie has taken singing lessons with Martha Peabody in Amesbury. She was a big part of the theatre production and performed as Renee Wright in Damn Yankees; Stage Manager in Back to the 80s, and a nun in Sister Act.

Photo Source: Kylie Stewart

Katie studied abroad in Austria her senior year, which was one of the hardest things she’s ever done, but also the most formative.

Photo Source: Sierra Janson

The experiences she had with her AP classes at Pentucket is what she will miss most about Pentucket: Mr. Ruland in AP Language her sophomore year; Ms. Cromwell in AP Literature and Ms. Lentz in AP Chemistry her junior year. These teachers opened her world. Their competence was inspiring: they made Katie feel like she was capable of understanding and having opinions on complex things. These teachers pushed her where she needed and wanted so badly to go, and for that she is incredibly thankful.


Katie is taking half a gap year during, which she hopes to spend a significant amount of time back in Austria. She would also love to do some travelling and visiting friends abroad. In February, she will be starting at Middlebury College with an undecided major.

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As a final note, Katie added: “Best of luck to all my fellow classmates!”