Why Ghost Adventures Is A Great Show

Photo Source: PEXELS

Photo Source: PEXELS

Jessica Brann, Writer

Ghost Adventures is a show that first aired in 2008 on the Travel Channel. Featuring a crew of paranormal investigators, the program shows different haunted locations in America while the investigators investigate. Regardless of one’s stance on the paranormal, this show can be enjoyed by all.

Plenty of Content

The show has a total of 27 seasons, although not all of them are available to view. All episodes are available on Discovery+, but episodes available on regular cable TV are subject to change. A good majority of episodes are usually available, but there is never a time where all of them are available at the same time. The number of episodes per season varies, with season one having 8 episodes and season twenty-five having 18. There are hours upon hours of watch time for someone just beginning the series, and plenty of options to choose from for returning viewers. 

The majority of episodes are individual, meaning one can pick and choose what to watch. There are a few mini series, such as the four part “Quarantine” series that aired in 2020. In this series, the crew locked themselves in Zak’s Haunted Museum for two weeks and investigated different parts of the museum in each episode. There are also several specials like “Haunted Museum Live” which was a live event that took place on Halloween 2018. It was a special event where guests could interact via Twitter and have their messages appear during the event and the crew did a live investigation of Zak’s Haunted Museum. I watched this live event and loved all four hours of it. There are also several special episodes that are over an hour long, which are perfect for rainy days. 

Always Available

Ghost Adventures airs on the Travel Channel all day every Thursday. The show can also be streamed on Discovery+ if cable TV is not preferred. I  personally enjoy watching on cable, as the commercials give me time to do things like use the bathroom or get a snack without missing any of the show. Sure, you can pause it, but who doesn’t also love watching odd commercials for products you will never purchase? Or coming back into the room and singing along to familiar jingles?


One would not expect a spooky paranormal show to have a lot of comedy, but trust me, Ghost Adventures is full of it. In season 17, during the Pythian Castle episode, the crew had a sword fight. There’s nothing paranormal about a bunch of grown men rolling on the ground and smacking eachother with fake swords, but it sure makes great content.

Aside from little skits like that, there is a lot entwined in the show that can make viewers chuckle. Whenever evidence is debunked, it is often something silly, and seeing the crew scared out of their shorts is equal parts scary and hilarious. In a recent episode, the crew got absolutely terrified by a pebble. With context it was frightening and potential evidence of the paranormal, but in any other circumstance, it would have been absurd. 

Great Spooky Show

Depending on one’s tolerance for scary media, Ghost Adventures can be a wonderful show for getting a little spooked out. If someone really wants a spooky time, watch the show with the lights off and a candle or two for aesthetics. The more invested one becomes in the show, the more terrified they can become when something unexpected happens. Some episodes will really have you on the edge of your seat!

Predictable Content

Every episode of Ghost Adventures usually follows the same pattern. They explain the history of the location, interview some people, do a brief investigation, then spend the night. The predictable nature of this show makes it perfect for days where one is stuck in bed trying to ride out a bad cold or headache. You can grasp the concept of each episode without expending too much energy focusing on the details. For active viewers, it may seem like the show could get boring, but the comedy breaks up the mundane flow and keeps viewers engaged. And to restate what has been previously mentioned, commercials help break up the show and make it more appealing and interesting. Ghost Adventures is an all-around wonderful show.