Growing Out of Video Games

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Tanner Bounsy, Writer

Many people, including myself, spent a lot of time playing video games growing up. They are a major part in many people’s lives and most people would not be the way they are if it were not for video games. Those games contained many special memories that cannot be experienced again.


Looking back at those games gives a melancholic nostalgia feel. Games that once brought us amazing memories are either dead or just not as fun anymore. The only thing that can bring back how we used to feel are the people.


The people that we used to play with made most of the games worth remembering. Whether you knew them in real life or not, we had a special bond with the people we used to play with. However, as time went on, we all slowly stopped playing video games. We gained responsibilities that we once never had. Whether it was school, sports, family, a job, or a significant other, we all just grew away from video games.


Even when we all had time to play, it just was not as fun as it used to be. We do not have the same type of energy anymore. None of us can handle the crazy sleep schedules we had when we are younger. There is no staying up until two in the morning anymore, since our bodies give out at ten at night now.


The peak happiness from video games was during quarantine in 2020. You could not do anything but stay inside, so do you know what my friends and I did all day? Played video games from dawn to dusk. It may not have been very healthy, but it provided me with so many fun memories and I think back to all the time.


If that happened today I do not think I would do the same thing. Newer video games now are just not like they used to be. People who play games now try so hard to be better than everyone else and it just ruins the game. Back before, everyone used to be bad so it was very rare to come across someone who would destroy you. Now, those people are everywhere so it makes it very hard to enjoy the game, especially since I do not want to spend hours trying to get better. I just want to hop on the game and have some simple fun.


It is not just me who thinks this. Many people who grew up with video games do not feel as connected to them as they used to be.


Student Opinions

When asked if he had grown away from video games, Junior Logan Durocher said “Definitely.” He elaborated by saying “I have more important things to do and I have less time to play them.”


Sophomore Aiden Blot shares a similar opinion, agreeing, and saying that “it’s more fun to do real stuff nowadays.” Aiden used to be an avid video game player, like many others, but just found more fun things to do now.


Senior Alex Bessaoud also agrees and when asked why he has grown away, he responds, “I’m not sure, but I just don’t have the urge to play as much as I did.”



Do not take these times for granted. I would do anything to be able to experience these moments again. Playing games with friends creates a powerful bond with you and your friends. If you are having fun with friends playing video games, appreciate it because you do not know when times like those will happen again.